“And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love and in her courage, and her audacity to believe: no matter the darkness around her, Light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive, and it showed up in everything” – Morgan Harper Nichols. 

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep
Healthy Lifestyle

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Try these to tips to have a better night’s sleep and to feel more refreshed and energized. Does this sound familiar? Pretending not to hear your alarm clock after a night spent tossing and turning? Not being able to sleep is not only frustrating, but

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Natural Beauty Secrets from around the world
Natural Beauty Rituals

4 Natural Beauty Secrets From Around the World

There is a reason why women from around the world swear by these natural beauty secrets. We took a look at beauty routines from around the world and found that women trust these tried-and-tested methods because, well, they work! Soak Up The Benefits of Rose

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Eating your way to better skin
Natural Beauty Rituals

Eating Your Way To Better Skin

Achieving radiant skin starts from within. What you put into your body matters, and luckily some foods will help you eat your way to better skin. Many of us spend lots of time (not to mention money!) on serums, creams, moisturizers, etc., all in the

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