Skin Fasting: What it is and Does it Help Your Skin?

Skin Fasting: What it is and Does it Help Your Skin?

We take a look at the skin fasting trend to see if the benefits are all they’re cracked up to be.

You may have heard of the latest trend in skincare – “skin fasting”. The idea, basically letting your face go au naturel — no products, no makeup — may have popped up on your Instagram or Facebook feed.

The theory is, by taking a break from all skincare products and makeup, you allow your skin to “detox” and improve the way it functions.

Intriguing, right? Could skin fasting be the magic potion for clearer, flawless skin? After diving into the research, here is what we discovered.

What is Skin Fasting?

Skin fasting is essentially taking a break from your skincare routine.

It can be as simple as giving up your moisturizer for a night, or going cold turkey and not using any skincare products or makeup for a week or two.

The idea is if you take a break from products you allow your skin to “detox” and naturally restore itself.

How does this work?

The skin proceeds a natural oil to keep it moisturized called sebum. Produced by tiny glands in each hair follicle, sebum works its way out of the follicle and forms a “protective layer to guard against viruses and bacteria” [1].

Advocates for skin fasting believe that the more products we introduce into our skincare routine, the more our skin becomes “lazy” and stops producing as much natural oil. Through skin fasting, they believe we can essentially reprogram our bodies to “remember” how to naturally moisturize itself.

What are the benefits of skin fasting?

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough scientific research available to support the benefits of skin fasting.

What is available are the details of women who have completed their own skin fasting experiments. Many found it beneficial and reported that they had clearer and glowing skin after completing a skin fast. Though others found that it added to their skin problems [2].

There was one common theme that kept popping up. It seems that the biggest benefit of skin fasting is that it can help you determine what products actually work and which ones you can live without.

As we add more and more products to our skincare routine, we could be masking underlying problems or introducing a product that is irritating our skin.

Dermatological surgeon Heather D. Rogers, M.D., told Glamour magazine that she recommends skin fasting to her patients. “Our skin is getting so much stimulation with active ingredients and occlusion from makeup that it needs a break,” she said.  Dr. Rogers suggests that if you are experiencing irritated and inflamed skin to stop using all skincare products except for a gentle hypoallergenic cleanser and moisturizer.

What Can You Expect From a Skin Fast?

Now let us start this by saying everyone is different. You may have a completely different experience to someone else. Also, if you are on any skincare medications always consult your doctor before you stop using them.

If you do decide to give skin fasting a go, you may experience some not so pleasant effects — at first. In the first few days, you may experience dryness followed by oiliness. Your skin may break out or you may have dry patches.

After a few days, many women reported that their skin seemed to normalize. By comparing their skin pre and post skin fast, they were able to tell if a product was irritating their skin or if there was another issue such as not drinking enough.

It’s important to remember patience with a skin fast. You may not see any effects for at least two weeks as the epidermis of the face takes around two weeks to completely renew itself [3].

Bottom Line

Is skin fasting the end all be all answer for healthy, glowing skin? Probably not. Though skin fasting may be a helpful tool if you think a product you’re using is irritating your skin or causing you to breakout. It may also help you simplify your skincare routine and help you focus on renewing your skin from within. Drinking plenty of water, following a healthy diet, and taking a supplement such as Beautyful™ can all help you have flawless skin.

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