Natural Beauty Secrets from around the world

4 Natural Beauty Secrets From Around the World

There is a reason why women from around the world swear by these natural beauty secrets.

We took a look at beauty routines from around the world and found that women trust these tried-and-tested methods because, well, they work!

Soak Up The Benefits of Rose Oil – Bulgaria 

Rose oil has been made in Bulgaria for over 300 years. This essential oil contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help hydrate skin, reduce acne, and help treat redness and inflammation. Also due to its delicate makeup, rose oil is great for all skin types including dry, sensitive, and mature skin.

As a bonus – rose oil can work as an effective hydration mask for your hair. Simply add a few drops to a spoonful of coconut oil and leave on your hair for 15 minutes.

It’s not just the rose petals that have benefits. Rosehip oil, made from the rose hips and seeds, is another exceptional product. It has high levels of vitamins A and C which can help treat fine lines and reduce wrinkles. With the likes of Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr (all with famously clear complexions) incorporating rosehip oil into their skincare routines, we’re definitely on board to give it a try.

Add Turmeric To Your Diet – India

No wonder turmeric plays a central role in Indian culture. The health and beauty benefits of this ancient spice are endless. The good news is you don’t need much – adding just a sprinkle to your diet is very beneficial to your overall health. We call that a win-win!

Turmeric is also great for your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can help reduce redness and skin irritation, make skin brighter, and reduce the look of breakouts.

Use Aloe vera for Remarkable Benefits –  From Egypt to Peru

You may be familiar with aloe vera if you’ve ever suffered from a sunburn (guilty). Though in addition to soothing irritated skin, aloe vera can help with an array of common skin problems. Studies have shown that aloe vera can clear up acne, moisturize skin, and treat minor burns. It may also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles [1].

The gel found inside the leaves of the plant is filled with beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. No wonder cultures all over the world have been using this superpower plant for thousands of years.

Follow the 10-step Skincare Routine – Korea

Koreans take their skincare seriously. So much so, that they swear by a daily 10-step beauty ritual to keep their skin looking healthy and beautiful.

It is all about layering – Korean women are very into their products and believe you need to prime the face to soak up all of the product’s benefits.

The process starts with a double cleanse then works its way up to layering different serums before applying a moisturizer to complete the process.

It may seem excessive but with the metaphoric rise of K-beauty, we think Korean women are on to something.

Have you tried any of these beauty treatments? Are there others you swear by? Let us know!

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