prioritizing time for yourself

How Prioritizing Time for Yourself Each Day Can Help You Do It All

Does this sound familiar?

Your boss sent you an email first thing in the morning, your kids need their school lunches packed, your husband hasn’t unloaded the dishwasher, again, and your hair is a mess.

How are you going to find time for yourself when you can barely find enough time for everyone else?

In this article, we look at how making time for ourselves each day can help us become superwomen and do it all.

What is time balancing?

Time balancing is simply balancing time between all the important areas of life.

Everyone has to choose what these are for themselves.

They might be:

  • Family time
  • Work time
  • Errand time (for shopping, paying bills, etc.)
  • and most importantly…time for ourselves

So many women do an amazing job of time balancing the first three categories, but when it comes to prioritizing time for themselves, suddenly there’s nothing left.

Why prioritizing time for yourself is essential

Women these days are superwomen!

But just like Superman had his “Fortress of Solitude,” modern-day superwomen definitely need a healthy dose of time for themselves.

If we spend all day giving, we’ll eventually get worn down, or worse: burnt out.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential to prioritize time for ourselves each and every day.

If we give time to our families, time to our jobs, and time to our errands, but don’t find time to give to ourselves, life will be out of balance.

On the other hand, if we understand why prioritizing time for ourselves every day is the key to a balanced life, we’ll actually have more to give!

More energy for our families, more creativity at work, and more efficiency in all of life’s challenges.

Say it with me:

“Time for me is a gift for everybody!”

It fills you up so that I have more to give.

How to prioritize time for yourself

Sometimes it can feel impossible to squeeze another minute out of the day.

Maybe the only time we can find time for ourselves is 10 minutes in the shower, and even then we’re thinking about what to make the kids for breakfast!

So how can you prioritize time for you?

3 quick tricks to find time for yourself

1. Sacred time

Sacred time is alone time.

Because most modern women find their day so full, the best time is either first thing in the morning (for early birds) or last thing at night (for night owls).

You’d be amazed — just 5 minutes of prioritizing time for you can radically change the day!

2. Mindful cups of tea

How many times a day do we sip a cup of tea, coffee, or even a bottle of water?

Now imagine if every sip was a chance to reconnect with yourself, check-in with how you’re feeling, and even assess how well you’re balancing your time.

Now doesn’t that sound rejuvenating?

3. A date with yourself

Who is the most important person we can go on a date with? Ourselves, of course!

If you’re like most busy women, you find time for playdates with your kids, and even the occasional romantic date with your partner, but rarely find the time to treat yourself to a special outing.

So how about prioritizing time for yourself each week to say, get your nails done, go for a nice long walk, or finally start reading that book?

Keeping it all in balance

In a life that’s so busy and full of commitments, it can be hard to “do it all.”

But by remembering to prioritize time for you, each and every day, you’ll actually find more time and energy to share with your loved ones.

We can do it all. After all, we’re superwomen!

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