Science-Backed Benefits of Aloe Vera

Science-Backed Benefits of Aloe Vera

Who hasn’t heard of Aloe Vera? From soothing salves to refreshing and nourishing drinks, aloe has been a staple of wellness for literally thousands of years.

Egyptian queens such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti bathed in ‘the plant of immortality’ believing it to enhance and prolong their beauty. Alexander the Great used Aloe Vera as a healing solution for wounded soldiers on the battlefield. And now you find it any many cosmetics and even in drinks.

What makes aloe such a remarkable plant? Namely, two things: .it’s amazingly high water content, and polysaccharides. Yes, sugar gives this plant some of its incredible healing properties. Sweet!

Not just any sugar is found in aloe, and further, not just any aloe will do.

BeautyFul uses a very specific aloe, called QMatrix®, because it is specially curated to preserve these incredible long-chain polysaccharides, which normally begin to break into smaller chains (and therefore lose effectiveness) as the gel inside aloe leaves is harvested. These long-chain polysaccharides are the active constituents that make aloe the holistic healer it is.

The premature aging (photo-aging) of skin characterized by wrinkles, a leathery texture and mottled pigmentation is a well‐documented consequence of exposure to sunlight. One study looked at aloe’s ability to protect the skin against photo-aging and found some remarkable results. Aloe actually acted in the same manner as an anti-oxidant, protecting the cell membrane, during exposure to UV light.1

Protection is great, but what if you’ve already experienced some sun photo-aging? Don’t worry! The amazing long-chain polysaccharides in aloe not only protect your skin, but help to repair it as well.  Aloe has also been shown to decrease wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and to increase natural collagen production. Researchers gave subjects oral Qmatrix and found these results after only 12 weeks.2

Aloe and astaxanthin work in synergy within BeautyFul to protect, nourish, and restore your skin’s youthful vitality and glow that shows.

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